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I don't know if anyone still reads my journal. I know I don't post in it much. I feel I need to post about this though. My father passed away September 13th. Even though he had health issues, this was extremely unexpected. We'd been talking about possibly returning to Disney World in November of 2016. He died the night my aunt and uncle arrived from California, and he'd really been looking forward to their visit. My mom and I were very luck that Aunt Denise and Uncle Sal were here. They were a huge help. The morning it happened I screamed and cried a lot. The first week I was fairly sick. That's how my body reacts to high levels of stress. I was able to pull myself together for the funeral on the 19th. I'm very grateful that he didn't die on my birthday and that the funeral also wasn't on my birthday, which is the 21st. It was not a great birthday this year.

Now it's been just over three weeks. I've stopped thinking it's him every time the phone rings, but I still dream about him at night sometimes. Mom and I miss him, and we're sad, but we're coping. We're going out to California for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with mom's family. We will get through this, but it will take time, and I know I'll always miss him. I love you dad.

Dad and Mom photo DadandMom3.jpg
Dad and Mom in 2006

Me and Dad photo MeandDad.jpg
Dad and Me in 2006


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