Leg Waxing

May. 22nd, 2013 04:20 pm
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Extremely random subject, I know. I'm posting here because I felt like sharing, but not sharing to the extent of sharing on Facebook. Anyway, every summer I shave my legs every few days. It's not because society thinks I should or anything like that, it's because I'm more comfortable that way. This summer I decided to try waxing. I didn't want to spend the money to go to a salon, so I ordered a home waxing kit online. I looked at several and chose the one with the best reviews. I tried it today. The attempt... did not go well. It didn't got horrifically wrong or anything. I didn't hurt myself or do any damage. It just didn't go as well as it could have. The wax strips removed maybe 1/4 of the hairs and left little red bumps where I tried. (And I tried multiple places.) I finally gave up and showed dad the bumps.

Dad: Where did that rash come from?
Me: I tried that home waxing kit I got.
Dad: Oh, your skin is too sensitive for waxing.
Me: Couldn't you have told me that before I tried it?
Dad: I didn't know before you tried. Now that you've tried, and I can see the results, I know. Your skin is too sensitive.
Me: *grumble*

So apparently people with very sensitive skin shouldn't try waxing. Maybe a professional salon could have made it work, but I'm abandoning waxing and going back to shaving. It's not as if it's horribly time consuming.
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