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So, after the most recent episode, I had a Doctor Who story (or really a short scene) bouncing around in my head. So I wrote it down! It only contains spoilers for "The Snowmen", but in my mind it takes place after "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis". If you haven't been following the series it probably won't make much sense.

Title: Nightmare
Author: bitter_suite24
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Clara, the Doctor
Rating: G
Word Count: 367
Spoilers: "The Snowmen" This takes place after "Journey to the Center of the Tardis," but there are no spoilers for it.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Doctor or Clara.

“Aaaaaah!” Clara screamed as she sat up in bed. Realizing she was in the Tardis and safe she stopped screaming. She was still breathing heavily though.

A second later the Doctor burst into her room scanning his sonic screwdriver around. “What happened? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. It’s nothing,” Clara replied. She was a bit embarrassed and angry at herself for screaming in the middle of the night like a child.

“Are you sure?” asked the Doctor looking at her anxiously.

“I’m sure. Really. It was just a nightmare,” Clara told him.

“Maybe it would help you calm down if you talked about,” the Doctor suggested.

“I don’t need to calm down,” Clara said. “Besides, it was silly. It didn’t even make any sense.”

“Nightmares that don’t make any sense are the best kind! Come on, tell me about it,” the Doctor said, smiling expectantly.

Sensing that he wasn’t going to leave until she complied, Clara relented. “All right, here’s what happened. I was living in Victorian London.”

As she said this the expectant smile fell off the Doctor’s face. However Clara didn’t notice as she continued her story.

“I was a governess or a barmaid. Or maybe both? I can’t quite remember. Anyway, that’s not important. You were there too, and we were fighting snowmen! Some other stuff happened… it’s hard to recall all of it. And then… I died. That’s when I screamed and woke up.” She paused for a moment and then added, “See? I told you it made no sense. I mean, fighting snowmen?”

The Doctor didn’t respond. He seemed to be staring off into space, lost in his own little world.

“Doctor?” Clara asked.

“What?” the Doctor came back to the present. “Oh! Yes! Very silly. Dreams and nightmares can sometimes be silly. Well, there are no snowmen here, and you’re safe Clara. Go back to sleep.”

Clara nodded and yawned. “You’re right. Goodnight.” She lay back down in bed.

The Doctor left her room but paused just outside the door. He turned to look back and murmured, “Who ARE you?”

“Hmm? Did you say something Doctor?” asked Clara.

The Doctor forced himself to smile. “Nope! Not a thing! Goodnight Clara.”
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